coming along

Working hard to get this site looking spiffy!  I'm not great at writing about myself, so that part is tough - I guess that is why I paint and print in one-word designs! 

I took some photos of my canvases and got them up and I think they look pretty damn cute if I do say so myself:

Cute, right?  The only problem is the odd coloring - the white in the chevron background shows up differently depending on the color of the canvas... see how the background of "home" looks more pink, and the background of "rad" is more white?   I'm sure there are photography techniques to fix this, but I just don't have the fancy camera or the time to work that out, so I'm going to make new backgrounds with less white in them.  I'm posting the image here for posterity, so I can see how it looked at first.  Hopefully soon it'll be even more awesome!