nourish exhibit

For the third year in a row, we had a staff art exhibit at my library this summer.  A friend/co-worker who was also one of the exhibit planners had seen one of my paintings on Instagram, and decided to name the exhibit after the painting - Nourish.  How fun!  Here is my little blurb from the article on the exhibit:

The exhibition’s title, Nourish, is taken from the canvas of the same name by the music library’s Julie-Ann Bryson.   She chose “nourish” to use in Ali Edwards’ “One Little Word” project in which each participant picks a word for the year and completes monthly journaling and creative assignments using it.  In choosing “nourish,” Julie-Ann explains “I felt I could relate it to all of the things I really wanted to work on this year – my health, my relationships, and my artwork.   So far the word has been a great motivator for me, especially when I stop and make thoughtful decisions based on whether or not something is a nourishing choice.   One of the prompts Ali sent us was to visualize our word, so I thought, what better way to visualize it than to create a canvas for my growing collection of one-word paintings.”

We had a reception a couple of weeks ago for all library staff - it was a perfect way to start off the summer after having just introduced my new website, and it motivated me to keep creating fun new word paintings, because you never know who might see them and be inspired!


so many thanks!

Thank you for the amazing support of my shiny new website and Facebook page! 163 Likes and counting.  I even have some orders, yay!

I'm happy that you like my stuff, or you like me enough to like my stuff.  I like you, too.

on schedule!

Well, it's a miracle, but my website and Etsy pages are ready for public consumption, as planned!  Woot! 

I'm proud of how it turned out.  Many thanks to Squarespace for existing, and to my hubs for all of his help, and to my sister for being a good proofreader.

It's so cute, isn't it?! 

self-imposed deadline

I decided that if I don't set a deadline for myself, this site will never be "ready."  So my deadline is June 15th.  If you are reading this before then, you either got a sneak peek or you stumbled upon my little site early.   Hi. 

If you are reading this after June 15th it means I just had to give up the tweaking and just let it go, out into the world.  Of course, it'll never be DONE, I'll add things as I make' em, and may some day add a greeting card section too if I get back into that.  There may also be mistakes (heaven forbid!) so let me know if you see something that needs fixing.

Thanks for taking a look - I am very appreciative (and very nervous) to have you looking at my work.  Mostly appreciative.


a model husband

I'd been on the verge of being ready to share this site with "the real world," but something was holding me back - a vision.  I really kept picturing a home gallery page with all similar pictures of my husband in a white shirt and tie holding up my canvases.  I kept trying to stick with just a black and white background, knowing that every time I wanted to add photos I'd have to bug him, which isn't ideal.  But finally I just told him we had to give it a try, and he was game.  I LOVE THE RESULT!  Exactly what I was picturing.  Thanks hubs, for making my vision a reality - you make a wonderful torso model!

an adorable outtake.

an adorable outtake.

coming along

Working hard to get this site looking spiffy!  I'm not great at writing about myself, so that part is tough - I guess that is why I paint and print in one-word designs! 

I took some photos of my canvases and got them up and I think they look pretty damn cute if I do say so myself:

Cute, right?  The only problem is the odd coloring - the white in the chevron background shows up differently depending on the color of the canvas... see how the background of "home" looks more pink, and the background of "rad" is more white?   I'm sure there are photography techniques to fix this, but I just don't have the fancy camera or the time to work that out, so I'm going to make new backgrounds with less white in them.  I'm posting the image here for posterity, so I can see how it looked at first.  Hopefully soon it'll be even more awesome!

and so it begins

I've been meaning to create a website and set up an Etsy page for years.  I'm not sure what's been stopping me other than my own inertia.  I decided that 2014 need to be my year of getting things done, instead of the year of starting more things that I won't finish. If you are reading this then I've gotten farther than I ever have before, so that's something, right?  welcome!